Physiotherapy Master Ilona Babińska

A graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow, majoring in Physiotherapy

Completed courses:

– Manual Therapy Course:

Module UW1 – lumbar segment, sacroiliac joints, hip

Module UW2 – head set, lumbar thoracic transition, first rib, shoulder, elbow, hand

Module OW1 – middle cervical segment, shoulder

Module OW2 – spine (joints of the head, cervical and thorax), upper limb (shoulder, elbow, palm)

– Taping course

– PNF basic course

– Functional examination and physiotherapy in injuries of the knee joint part AND

– Research and functional physiotherapy in shoulder joint injuries, part II

– Pinotherapy

– Foundation course for active rehabilitation „Helping disabled people in a wheelchair”


– Improvement of patients with CNS injuries based on the assumptions of the Bobath concept.

– Walking reeducation in selected neurological diseases: stroke, craniocerebral trauma, Parkinson’s disease.

– A practical scheme of therapeutic treatment in a patient after damage to the cervical spinal cord

– tetraplegia

– A practical scheme of therapeutic treatment in a patient after damage to the thoracic and lumbar spinal cord

– paraplegia.

– Functional hip joint diagnostics according to Kinetic Control concept. Therapy and tests that differentiate instability.

– Assessment of mechanical dysfunction. Shoulder and scapula rhythm. Fistula subcutaneous syndrome, instability of the humeral head. Therapy and prevention.

– Diagnosis and assessment of mechanical lumbar disorder. The role of deep stabilization

– progressive training.

– Splint use by Margaret Johnston concept.

– Functional therapy of the upper limb of patients with cervical spinal cord injury.


– School of physiotherapy in cystic fibrosis.



MSc. Aleksandra Porębska

A graduate of the University of Agriculture in Krakow in the field of Food Technology and Human Nutrition and Collegium Medicum of the Jagiellonian University in the field of Human Nutrition in Health and Disease.

In her work she uses only scientifically proven information, uses the standards and recommendations of reliable institutions. It is against irrational diets. She believes that the key to success is the knowledge that allows making informed choices, which is why in addition to implementing the nutritional plan, she is trying to educate the patient at every stage of cooperation. She has been participating in training and lectures on food for many years. Believes that systematically acquired knowledge and commitment of the patient is a guarantee of improvement of well-being, gaining proper weight, but also a better comfort of life.

Selected trainings and courses:

– „Motivational Dialogue” training

– Training „Diagnostics and running a patient with Celiac disease” Cetryfikat nutritionist friendly patients with celiac disease

– The course „Practical dietotherapy of diabetes I and II”

– Training „Patient with insulin resistance in the dietician’s office”

– Training „Practical nutritional recommendations in diseases of Thyroid”

– Training „Immunising physically active people” – Training „Irritable Bowel Syndrome-Diagnostics and Diet Therapy”

– „Education in diabetes” course

– Training „Vademecum Clinical Dietetics-Diet in thyroid disease, PCOS, and insulin resistance according to Evidence Based of Nutricion”

– Course „Rational vitamin supplementation in various age groups”